EAPU Technology provides PLM/PDM/CAD/CAE/CAM integrated solutions and service for China local small & midsized companies via Aras PLM, Solidworks products and our technologies. AS our company name EAPU (E-Easy, A-Able, P-Practical and U-Useful) means, EAPU wants to provide easily deployed, highly adoptable and practically useful solutions to help our customers improve their development process management and shorten cycle time from development to market. 
We believe advanced info technology can more values. 

Hangzhou EAPU Technology Co.,Ltd. 
Address: Zhejiang University Science Park, Hangzhou City, 310013, P.R.China 
Email: service@eapu.cn 
Tel: +86-571-28969970 
Internet: www.eapu.cn
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